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The times are changing

Well only 10 days till Carolina plays MSU, which is a good think, but that also means that all the kids are back in school. Not only elementary and High School, but college kids now. This morning I saw 2 wrecks on Assembly and it took me almost double the amount of time it usually takes me to get to work. Groups of lost freshman, or I think they are freshman; they could be 10 year olds from what I can tell. Kids keep getting smaller and smaller, I saw two little kids the other day at publics with two 12 packs of Killians and thought to myself, how old can they be. Well they had id and a KA sticker on the back of there Z-71. Well while watching the Little League World Series over the weekend in my free time, when Kat wasn’t working me like a _______. Well Saudi Arabia has a 6-8 13 year old playing for them. He was 6-4 last year when Saudi Arabia made the LLWS, so in a year he has packed on about 40 lbs and 4 inches. Think how big he is going to be when he is able to play college athletics. That is why I wrote a letter to Dave Odom this morning while pretending to work.

Dear Coach Dave

Please sign the giant 13 year old from Saudi Arabia, who cares if he can’t play basketball, he is only 13 and as tall as every play you have recruited here at Carolina. Granted we have not had too much success with big men, but if Ronaldo can get drafted this kid has a chance.