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This just off the AP wire Tommy Bowden said that Willie Corn will be starting for Clemson by the VT game. He is so good they are pulling him from Byrnes High School like you would pull a kid from the JV team. Tommy also said that Willie will be the first 5 time Heisman trophy winner and well as Clemson could possible win 5 straight nation championships. And for shits and giggles they will take highly touted want to be Maurice Clarett Xavier Dye to play this year as well since he can’t find a home for this football season. Also in the news today, SCHFL announced that Byrnes high school will be playing Furman and Wolford next season while Willie is on his Most Over Rated Player tour across the barren ACC.

On a lighter not, today on the Matt and Tim show, they said that “Drum line is The Program of band movies”