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FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: JaVale Sparks Again As Warriors (2-0) Take Game 2 Over Portland Trail Blazers Game 2, 110-81

ORACLE ARENA, OAKLAND, CA — This is a continuation of the halftime recap of the Portland Trail Blazers at the Golden State Warriors, Game 2 of the opening round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs.

Q3: JaVale Sparks Again

Stephen Curry opened the second half with a triple…

…and Zaza Pachulia added a bucket, both assisted by Draymond Green.

Moe Harkless then threw a bad pass into the hands of Curry, and Steph scored on the run-out with a Statue-Of-Liberty show-ball on the layup:

Blazers head coach Terry Stotts called timeout as the Warriors pushed their lead to 62-46.

After the timeout, Green took a hand to the face on a drive against Meyers Leonard, the play was reviewed, and Leonard was assessed a common foul, although Draymond spent a good portion of time on the floor recovering from the hit.

Later, Patrick McCaw had a nice swat from behind of a Damian Lillard left-side attack…

…then both teams couldn’t score for nearly a minute-and-a-half before Curry found McCaw again.

Inside the paint, McCaw took his time, offered an up-fake and scored a layup, and the Warriors were back up, 68-52, with 5:13 remaining:

Lillard bricked from up top, then Steph pulled up early from about 28 feet, near the logo, over Evan Turner, and the lead was suddenly 19 points:

Turner made a bad pass, JaVale McGee checked in and scored in the lane…

…and Stotts called another timeout as Golden State stretched their lead out to 73-52 with 4:19 to play.

Out of the timeout, Klay Thompson drilled a triple-threat face-up trey against C.J. McCollum, capping a 10-0 run.

Lillard then was denied by Thompson with help from McGee…

…which was celebrated Dikembe Motumbo-style by Draymond…

…Curry got the board and was off to the races, then quickly found Klay on the left trail with a zinger, and Thompson delivered with three more.

Later, Harkless had a drive stopped yet again by McGee, giving the Warriors 11 blocked shots on the night, but Al-Farouq Aminu eventually scored on a drive past Steph for an and-one.

The Warriors’ lead, however, was still at a hefty 23 points.

AFter a turnover, Curry hit a triple from the left wing, then found Green for a touchdown pass and foul on the scoop that was missed, Lillard missed a floater over Andre Iguodala, and the third quarter ended with Golden State up comfortably, 84-58.

andre slam

pbp notes:
In for Warriors IC, DG, DW, KT, and AI

Turnover by IC clear path foul on him McCollum to line makes both 83-60
Klay stepback in paint 85-60.
TO by McCollum
Andre with dunk cutting thru the lane for monster dunk*** 85-60
TO again McCollum
IC with a turnaround low asst by DW 89-60
Timeout Portland with 10:24 left
JMc in for DG
Vonlegh with the dunk 89-62
IC cut thru the paint with assist from DW hoop and harm 91-62
IC made free throw 92-62
Portland miss followed by West miss, Klay missed 3
Napier fouled by IC, both ft’s made 92-64
DW fouled on dunk attempt makes both ft’s 94-64
Napier miss, Vonleigh block oob Warriors ball.
Andre fouled by Layman,
DW with elbow jumper asst by Andre 96-64
Napier with a 2 96-66 Warriors
JMc miss
IC fouled on defensive rebound made both ft’s 98-66
Damien Jones in for Andre