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FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: Warriors (0-2) Shoot 33%, Commit 30 Fouls In Blowout Loss to Cleveland Cavaliers (3-0), 91-74

THOMAS & MACK CENTER, LAS VEGAS, NV — This is a continuation of the halftime recap of the 2017 NBA Summer League matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors.

The Cavs took a 50-33 lead at halftime.

Q3: Too Much Fouling On Jumpers

Kevon Looney got a bucket off an offensive rebound, then Damian Jones scored on a run-out dunk…

…but Brandon Paul hit a three on a pull-up.

Patrick McCaw got a jumper to drop on a feed by Looney, and Jones got fouled twice, but could only connect on half the free throws.

Paul got hot after a timeout, hitting another trey, then pulling up for another one on a double-team by McCaw and Jordan Bell, and drawing a foul.

Jones then fouled on the last free throw make, but the Cavs missed the rare and-one opportunity.

Later, Dylan Ellis hit a three-pointer, which drew the Warriors to a twenty-point deficit at 64-44 with 3:42 remaining, but that’s as close as they would get.

Jones got called for another foul on a free throw rebound, Sam Cassell, Jr. drew three more fouls from beyond the arc on Bell, Ennis lost the ball on a bad dribble, then stepped on the sideline on an inbound while shooting a three, and T.J. Williams drew yet more free throws on a close-out by Bell that had too much contact.

At the end of the three quarters, the Cavs maintained a 72-50 lead.

Q4: Mop-Up Crew

Anthony Gill buoyed the Cavs offense to start the final frame, getting a jumper to fall then a runout layup on a bad pass by Alex Hamilton.

Cleveland’s lead was at 80-55 before Elgin Cook scored as a defender fell down, but Sir’Dominic Pointer scored twice and with 5:41 remaining, Warriors head coach Chris DeMarco was forced to call timeout as the deficit grew to 84-57.

DeMarco brought in his bench players to mop up, Cook had a nice and-one plus a three, then took a charge, Golden State full-court pressed and got a steal for a layup with 2.4 seconds to go, and the Cavs ended up routing the Warriors with the final score of 91-74.

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