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The Hockey News Says Norris Trophy Battle Comes Down To Karlsson And Hedman

The Hockey News believes the 2017-18 Norris Trophy will be awarded to either Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson or Tampa Bay’s Victor Hedman.

The publication says this about Hedman:

Victor Hedman, Tampa Bay Lightning

The difference between Hedman and his other fellow “elite tier” members, Karlsson and Brent Burns: Hedman is still ascending or perhaps peaking. He exploded for career highs with 16 goals and 72 points. He’s dominant in possession at both ends of the ice. He has no holes in his game. He plays for a Tampa Bay team that should be much better in 2017-18 after a disappointing playoff miss. And if the trend continues of first-time winners getting their due, it’s Hedman’s turn.

Admittedly The Hockey News states that The Norris Trophy winner is the hardest to predict and  “… a pure shutdown blueliner rarely captures voter’s hearts, and while offensive dynamos have a much better success rate, the Norris winners most commonly display prowess in both areas. The award goes to the player demonstrating “the greatest all-around ability in the position,” after all.”

Hedman is poised to become the NHL’s premiere blueliner but to gain that title he needs to win the Norris. Could this be the year?

(Photo/Christine Gunn)

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