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Brad Lidge retiring as a Phillie

Brad Lidge, the closer of the 2008 World Series champion Phillies team, will officially retire as a Phillie.



Though he spent most of his career outside of Philadelphia, the crowning achievement, and perhaps his best season as a professional, happened in a Phillies uniform. A perfect 48-for-48 in save opportunities in 2008 capped with a strikeout of Eric Hinskie to clinch the 2008 World Series will forever override any struggles experienced in town after that wonderful ride. Lidge was always one of the better guys as well, always willing to accept blame for his shortcomings when needed. Guys like Lidge are what professional athletes should be, and knowing that he will retire as a Phillies is a cool thing to see.

Whether or not Lidge will join Curt Schilling on the Wall of Fame may be a debate for another day, but there is no doubt in my mind that Lidge has a cemented place in Phillies history. Safe to say, Lidge will always be welcomed back in Philadelphia.