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Carlos Ruiz’s MVP chances just skyrocketed, maybe

Major League Baseball has approved Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz for an exemption to allow for the use of Adderall this season. The normally banned substance led to Ruiz being suspended for 25 games at the start of the 2013 season (for using the drug in 2012 when Ruiz achieved career numbers).

It was expected this would be the case when the Phillies made the decision to re-sign Ruiz to a new contract, and if the Aderall really does make a difference (Ruiz's numbers make that argument), then perhaps the Phillies will benefit. Forget the potentially inflated numbers for a moment, although they would be nice. If Ruiz can just be a decent and consistent hitter in the Phillies line-up, that would certainly help the offense this season.

Ruiz still needs to stay healthy of course, and that is actually the bigger concern heading in to 2014. Ruiz played in just 92 games last season, which means in addition to the 25-game suspension Ruiz was sidelined or rested for 45 games.

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