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Caught looking! Mitch Williams Twitter, Ryan Howard strikeouts and fire Sam Perlozzo

I like to take a look at the in-depth numbers behind the scenes for my web sites, including Macho Row. From time to time I think I woudl like to share some of the most interesting search results leading readers to this little piece of the Phillies blogosphere with you. Maybe you will find some of them as amusing as I do.

Here is a look at the most recent top searches bringing people to Macho Row. Are you one of them?

1. Mitch Williams Twitter – Yes, the lovable closer from the 1993 Phillies is in dee don Twitter, and he tweets a lot.

2. Ryan Howard strikeouts 2013 – After a rough road swing through the NL West, your Phillies firstbaseman has struck out 43 times this season, fourth most in the National League. However, over the last seven days, no player in baseball has struck out more than Howard (13 times).

3. Who's on first 2013 – Naturally.

4. 1993 Phillies

5. 1993 Phillies highlight – Like this one?

6. april 2013 comments on ryan howard – The fans are not exactly happy with Howard, it seems.

7. Bobby Abreu last year's average – 

8. Bryce Harper pegged – Somebody was looking for the time Cole Hamels felt a need to teach Bryce Harper a lesson, it seems.

9. Fire Sam Perlozzo – Perlozzo was removed from the coaching staff at the end of the 2012 season, so I'm not sure what someone is thinking out there right now.

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