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Erik Kratz goes HAM, er bacon

With Carlos Ruiz started to serve his 25-game suspension to start the 2013 season, it seems as though back-up catcher Erik Kratz is already starting to enjoy the extra face time behind the plate for the Phillies. Kratz will be the Phillies top catcher for the start of the season until Ruiz comes back, and now he is starring in his own advertising campaign for bacon.

Godshall's Quality Meats has already thrown Kratz in to the mix as the latest Phillies player to pick up some sort of food product. Kratz stars in two different commercials, one with an umpire questioning the eating habits of the big league catcher. The other commercial is with a cartoon turkey dressed as pig, a disguise Kratz has no problem seeing right through.

As it turns out, Kratz's father is a part-owner of Godshall's Meats, which makes the catcher a pretty easy get for a celebrity endorsement.




Cole Hamels is currently the pitch man (see what I did there?) for Big League Chew. Of course, former Phillies outfielder Hunter Pence currently holds the top billing for a local food product's ad campaign

Image via @dhm