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Hunter Pence sends note to fans receiving bobble head

It is always bound to happen to some team every year or so. A player you thought was going to be a fixture on your roster winds up being traded at the trade deadline as the season continues to spiral out of control. But what do you do with the 40,000+ mass-produced bobble heads you are on the hook for in honor of that particular player?

For the Phillies the answer was simple. Give them away.

Tonight the Phillies are continuing to give away their Hunter Pence bobble heads, despite the fact that the team traded Pence to the San Francisco Giants on the final day Major League Baseball allowed teams to trade players. The bobble head games are always well attended because fans like these souvenirs. Tonight fans will get a chance to add one more unique item to their collections and although Pence is not around to see them in person, he made sure to reach out to the fans who will be taking his bobble likeness home with him.

Ryan Lawrence, now of the Philadelphia Daily News, shared a photo of Pence’s message to the fans that will come with his bobble head.

We should expect nothing less from Pence. He did always seem to enjoy his short time in Philadelphia and he was quick to establish a bond with the fans. Sure, things turned sour this season as the team drifted out of the playoff hunt and changes needed to be made, but Pence did not necessarily leave Philadelphia on bad terms. He liked it here, and people liked him. That never changed, even if we did get upset with his play to an extent.

Pence did not have to do anything for this. His loyalties with the Phillies were ended the moment he was traded to another team. But this just shows that Pence is a stand up guy who gets Philadelphia and the fans. And that is something we can respect no matter what uniform he happens to be wearing now.

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