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Jim Thome the best active player to never win a World Series

Jim Thome’s mission for a World Series ring has led him back to Philadelphia in 2012, much to the delight of the fans who always adored the big first baseman. While Thome is not quite the same power hitting fixture in the lineup he was the first time he was in town, Thome’s impact on the team is expected to payoff over the course of the season. He may have lost a bit with his offensive abilities in his older age, but he still can be a threat coming off the bench in the later innings.

Business Insider also says Thome is currently the best player in Major League Baseball to never win a World Series. According to a new story put together by the site, of the top 25 players in baseball history, 21 have won at least one World Series. Thome is currently 0-for-9 in the postseason when it comes to championships, including a loss to the Phillies in 2009 as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As you might suspect for a franchise that has been around as long as the Phillies has with just two championships, the Phillies do have a player listed on the ranking. Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts is ranked eighth on the list, with one World Series loss (1950).

Other notable players on the list include longtime Houston Astro Jeff Bagwell (No. 10), Carl Yastzemski (No. 7) and Ty Cobb (No. 2). Barry Bonds tops the list of all-time players to not win a World Series. Bonds only played in one World Series, with the San Francisco Giants, and lost to the Anaheim Angels.

Everyone in Philadelphia is hoping Thome can get off this list of course.


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