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Mets giving away free tickets this weekend

Despite a smashing Opening Day against the San Diego Padres, the New York Mets are still struggling to get fans to come out to the ballpark up north. This weekend the Mets will be giving away free tickets to fans just for following the team and TV partner SNY on Twitter. That's right, you can get a free ticket to a Mets-Marlins game this weekend for any of the three Mets home games.

To be fair we should point out that the Phillies are also finding ways to give away tickets, although maybe not quite to this extreme. Next week, when the Phillies host the Mets, the home team has already set aside up to 10,000 free tickets to Wednesday's series finale for the 5,000 participants in this year's Phillies 5k. How many of the vouchers given to runners is unknown (to me at least) but  an early season Mets game with 10,000 tickets to just give away shows the Phillies are trying to find ways to pack Citizens Bank Park during the colder part of the season, if nothing else.

But getting back to the Mets, I wonder how many Phillies fans will take up the Mets offer here. Also, how many tickets are available? Would it be possible to have a largely empty sold out stadium up in New York? I know I'm going to get my tickets right now. I imagine a few Phillies fans will also prevent the Mets from making a couple bucks at the concession stands and souvenir shops by taking up the offer as well.

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