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Waiver Watch: Michael Young clears waivers, Phillies can now trade

Just earlier today I suggested the Phillies should do whatever they can to move third baseman Michael Young after not doing so prior to the original trade deadline last month. It appears as though something could be in the works, possibly. As originally reported by Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, Young has cleared waivers.


Young has also been scratched from today's line-up against the Chicago Cubs, with first pitch scheduled in just a couple of hours. This, of course, has the speculation running wild right now, but we will have to wait and see if there is anything in the works here. Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly reports Young has been scratched due to a tight hamstring.

With Young having cleared waivers, the Phillies are now free to trade him to any interested party. Young still holds a commanding no-trade clause though, so he would have to approve any trade option presented to him. Leading up to the non-waiver trade deadline Young had been reported to be willing to waive his no-trade clause in order to be moved back home to the Texas Rangers or to the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees.

With Alex Rodriguez undergoing an appeal after being suspended by Major League Baseball, a move to the Yankees could still be in play depending on the outlook of the appeal process for Rodriguez. Could a trade with the Yankees be in the works? Rosenthal reminds his followers that many teams will put a bunch of players through waivers as a move to judge interest, so this could all be for nothing yet. However, Young being scratched from the line-up for this afternoon's series finale with the Chicago Cubs comes at an interesting time.

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