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Midwest Sports Fans takes stale shots at Philadelphia sports fans

Yesterday Midwest Sports Fans released a list of the top five sports cities in America. Philadelphia is ranked fourth and was on the receiving ends of some stale criticisms that we have all heard before.

Before we move on, keep in mind the intention of this post is not to point out any potential bias (Chicago ranked number one by the mid-western sports centric site, written by someone who says Philly blood is in him with his entire family from the area). This website actually puts out some good stuff ona  consistent basis, but when it comes to knocking the Philadelphia sports fan, there is nothing new done here and it is completely one-sided in its analysis.

Let’s dissect it…

If you’re wondering whether or not Philadelphia’s fan base is as harsh and brutal as advertised, the truth is that they are not.

They are even worse.

OK, here we go…

A great example is with Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid of the Eagles. Despite having a borderline Hall of Fame QB and a great coach that consistently helps orchestrate a Super Bowl contender, Eagle Nation lobbied for them to be traded or released year ’round for about a decade.

We know that Donovan McNabb would put himself in the Hall of Fame, and while I do not particularly agree I would consider him a fringe candidate. First ballot? Not a chance, but eventually? Perhaps. But what defines a “great” coach?

Consistently orchestrates a Super Bowl contender? Excuse me, but what happened last season? Weren’t the Eagles considered an NFC favorite by many? Surely fault must be placed on the head coach for an 8-8 season, the third in which the win total diminished. Never mind the fact that the eight wins covered up what was a brutal season on both sides of the football. It was the second time since the 2005 Super Bowl that the Eagles ended the season on a mini-win streak to finish at .500. Oh, but Reid led the Eagles to five NFC championship game appearances, winning one. 

Since reaching the Super Bowl in the 2004 season, the Eagles have had just three seasons of double-digit wins, with an overall record of 62-49-1, with a 3-4 playoff record with zero playoff victories since 2009.

Philly fans’ irrational, unfair attitudes and standards can sap the fun out of the passion.

It is absurd that they couldn’t fully appreciate McNabb while he was in town doing great things on the field. And if you look at the picture to the right [Macho Row: this photo], you see Philadelphia fans ripping on a Phillies’ great of recent years, Pat Burrell, after he left town.

Never respected in Philly. Obviously.

You mean the same Pat Burrell who was playing for the Phillies’ opponent in the 2010 National League Championship Series at the time the photo was taken? The same Burrell who was jawing with Phillies players on the field during the heat of a tense NLCS for the right to advance to the World Series?

The same Burrell that received a standing ovation TEN DAYS AGO?

Yeah, no mention of that little tidbit, huh?

Whether it’s wanting someone to be shipped out of town or disowning them because they do have to leave the city, Philly fans will turn against you in a heart beat. Sure, the tough Rocky-like atmosphere is fun, but it just doesn’t always make sense with today’s sports world.

Oh, a Rocky reference. How cute.

We all totally disowned that no-good Brian Dawkins, didn’t we? The decision for Dawkins to leave town was not well received but we totally acted as though the guy never mattered, that’s for sure. Same thing with Cliff Lee when the Phillies traded him out of town for some measly prospects. Man, did we hate those guys once they were shipped out of town.

But hey, they can’t all be as great as McNabb, am I right? By the way, McNabb was cheered when he first returned. How awful. Of course, Kevin Kolb was booed too

Another example in addition to Pat Burrell and Donovan McNabb is Ryan Howard.

Oh, please go on.

Despite being one of the best power hitters in all of baseball throughout recent years and contributing to a World Series title, whenever I go on a trip there during the summer months, all I hear are attacks on him for striking out too much. Seriously, guys?

To be fair, this may be a legitimate point, but show me a fan base that won’t overreact to a ton of strikeouts. Honestly, please show me one.

Sure, one of our writers here at MSF agrees with you, but besides Albert Pujols you don’t get much better at first base than Howard. Appreciate what ‘ya got.

OK, will do. Thanks for the advice.

I’ve got a lot to say about Philadelphia.

Awesome! You have brought up several good point so far. I for one am eager to hear the rest! Continue…

Here’s another huge flaw for their city: there is a very clear tier system in place as far as how much each sport is supported.


Even if, say, the Flyers and Phillies are on top of the world, the city will still be bitter if the Eagles aren’t doing well (even as far as having a poor off season). While there’s nothing wrong with a hierarchy like this being in place, as there is in other cities that I’ve ranked higher, there is no reason for them to intersect and effect one another negatively.

First of all, it is “affect” and not “effect.” Second, what is the point here? You just said that other cities ranked higher on your list have the same issue, so why the need to point it out as a negative against Philadelphia? This is just pure laziness and an attempt to cram out a few more words bashing Philly without a legitimate reason.

Philadelphians loved seeing their Phillies win the World Series a few years back, but you’d still hear more complaints about the Eagles than you would praise of the Phillies. This plays into the irrational mindset of the Philly fan base.

I do recall one obnoxious fan at the Phillies World Series parade say to his buddy “Can you imagine if this were the Eagles?” Wild dreams aside, would the Eagles draw that much more than the estimated million who came out to watch the Phillies celebrate their championship? Maybe the Eagles are still the top draw in town, but let’s not go overboard here. Really, the biggest fault here is that Philadelphia is a football town? If that is the biggest gripe here, then so be it.

Can’t the same be said in a number of other cities as well? And when the Phillies were going to the World Series, who out there was putting criticism of the Eagles over the praise for the Phillies? Other than a few numb skulls who felt it was appropriate to compare and contrast the two organizations, I don’t think this was as popular a thought process as the author would have you believe.

I was here after all, listening to the sports radio.

Obviously all of that was describing why Philly is not ranked higher…


… but being behind just three cities is certainly not a bad thing. I don’t want this to come off as a rant putting down the City of Brotherly Love. It’s splitting hairs at the top of the list.

Fair enough. I am not saying that Philadelphia should be ranked higher, nor do I care. Obviously I am just here to point out the typical, dull and lazy crutches used here. I will commend the author for not bringing up the big three though. At least he has that going for him here.

Philadelphia is as passionate as any other city about their sports. They truly do bleed their teams’ colors.

But more Eagle green than Phillies red I guess.

But the following cities do as well, and do not possess the major flaws that Philadelphia does in terms of the sports environments.

Except for that one flaw you pointed out where there is a hierarchy in the various teams. Other than that.