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Out of the Batter’s Box [5.7.2012] -Reaction to Cole Hamels hitting Bryce Harper

The world chimes in on Hamels beaning Harper

Not surprisingly, Cole Hamels admitting to hitting Bryce Harper in the first inning Sunday night has caused a little bit of backlash in the baseball blogging world.

Hardball Talk says Hamels “decided to open his big mouth after his outing.”

The Outside Corner calls out Hamels on his logic behind the decision to plunk Harper while Big League Stew is still trying to figure out the thought process, referring to Hamels as a Jedi at one point. Eye on Baseball also notes that Harper laughed the whole thing off and said “It’s all good.” Of course, Harper would later come around to steal home on Hamels, so that may have been part of his thinking when discussing it afterward.

As I said earlier, I would have absolutely no problem with Hamels being served a suspension in which he would miss one start. He admitted to going after a player and that should guarantee a suspension. Hamels even loses out on any chance of an appeal because he willingly said he threw at a baseball player.

Expect Hamels to learn of a suspension this week, which means the Phillies will need to plug in Kyle Kendrick for at least one more start. Cliff Lee is expected to return for his next start, removing the need for Kendrick on the mound for that.


Yesterday in the NL East

Phillies 9, Nationals 3

Mets 3, Diamondbacks 1

Braves 7, Rockies 2

Marlins 6, Padres 3


Updated NL East Standings

  1. 18-10 Nationals
  2. 18-11 Braves (0.5 GB)
  3. 15-13 Mets (3.0 GB)
  4. 14-14 Marlins (4.0 GB)
  5. 14-15 Phillies (4.5 GB)


The Washington Nationals did confirm that former Phillies right fielder Jayson Werth suffered a broken wrist during last night’s game. No timeframe has been released yet but a broken wrist usually needs to be in a cast for six weeks, minimum. Don’t be surprised if Werth is out of action for six to eight weeks.

Ken Rosenthal explores why the New York Mets should trade David Wright. Of course, the Phillies are mentioned as one of the potential suitors.

The Phillies bullpen is a legitimate concern right now, but at least the team has a lock-down closer. Jon Paul Morosi takes a look at 13 teams without a solid closer.

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