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Papelbon: I don’t feel bad about leaving Boston

One thing is for sure, Jonathan Papelbon is never lacking in the self-confidence department. Yes, he has the closer mentality we speak about all the time.

With the upcoming weekend series coming up bringing the Boston Red Sox to town you might expect that Papelbon will be one of the focal points in the media. That got started Monday on Boston radio station WEEI, and with a featured article on their website.

“It won’t be weird. It might be a little weird for Pap, but it won’t be weird for Cinco,” Papelbon explained. “Cinco is like a Great White, when he smells blood he attacks.”

When asked whether he was surprised that Boston did not attempt to match the contract offer from the Phillies this off-season, Papelbon played it as if it were nothing.

“No, man. I wasn’t surprised,” he said. “Let me tell you something: Cinco don’t know how he do, he just do. Cinco knows a lot more than you think Cinco knows, at times. Put it that way.”

All I know is that Cinco do saves for the Phillies. Papelbon has been a lock in the closer role, converting all ten of his save appearances in to wins for his new team. He may shrug it aside, but you know he will want the ball at some point this weekend against his old team, especially after the way last season ended.

Papelbon was on the mound for the Red Sox collapse in Baltimore on the final day of the regular season. As Papelbon blew the save and took the loss, the Tampa Bay Rays squeaked in to the playoffs as the American League Wild Card. Papelbon took the blunt of the criticism, but the whole team was a bit of a mess. Papelbon went on to not be offered a contract by Boston.

Does Papelbon feel bad about the way things ended in Boston?

“I don’t feel bad. No. Cinco is gutless man. I don’t feel bad for people.”

Listen to his full interview with WEEI.

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