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Phillies sign Luis Encarnacion, 16-year old international prospect

The Phillies have yet to finalize the details on the previously reported contract with Cuban pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, but the team has signed a contract with one of the top-rated international prospects. According to Baseball America, the Phillies have signed Luis Encarnacion, a 16-year old third base prospect from the Dominican Republic.

Per Baseball America, Encarnacion is the fourth ranked international player is one of the top hitters in Latin America and is already packing good size (6'-2", 195 lbs). Encarnacion also has what Baseball America refers to as plus power from the right side, so he carries a big stick but he is likely to be moved to another position with less defensive liability according to the report. Left field or first base is a more likely position it would seem based on this report.

For years the Phillies have fallen behind in the scouting department when it came to import players, especially those from the Latin American nations and islands. If the pursuit and additions of Gonzalez (if that does become a done deal) and Encarnacion are any indication, perhaps we are witnessing a shift in scouting philosophy and emphasis.

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