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Phillies wearing CB memorial patch

The patch is in honor of former owner Claire Betz, who passed away during the offseason. Betz was  anative of the Philadelphia area and a graduated from Villanova. she had inherited her share of the team from her husband, John Betz, when he passed away in 1990. Betz had purchased his share of the franchise in 1981. She was one of the handful of owners nobody ever saw or heard from, but she owned a reported 33 percent stake of the team as recently as 2007.

How long the team wears the patch is unknown at this time. My guess is it will not be worn all season long. The other thing that pops to mind is the lack of recognition for former manager Jim Fregosi. The Phillies did pay special tribute to Fergosi before a spring training game in Clearwater, so it is not as though the franchise overlooked a chance to pay respects.