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Photo: St. Louis Cardinals World Series ring features Rally Squirrel

Because any time a rodent jumps on the field and distracts your opponent, it’s cause for celebration. The St. Louis Cardinals received their World Series championship rings (congrats to them), and if you look closely enough you will see a tiny tribute to their unofficial mascot, the rally squirrel.

It is tough to see, but the squirrel is shown running above the home plate, as he first did in game four of the National League Division Series against the Phillies, with Roy Oswalt on the mound. It was the fifth inning when the squirrel jumped in front of Cardinals batter Skip Schumaker. Oswalt delivered the pitch anyway and the pitch was called a ball. Oswalt, clearly wanted a re-do with what should have, or could have, been considered an interruption in play. Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said after the game if he had a gun he would have shown the squirrel who’s boss. Manuel had argued on field that Oswalt was distracted by the squirrel.

The Cardinals would go on to win game four in St. Louis, and game five in Philadelphia to advance to the National League Championship Series.

“We are excited to present the 2011 team with their rings,” owner Bill DeWitt III said in a statement [via ESPN.com]. “We worked hard to design a ring that would tell the epic story of 2011, and also pay tribute to the great history of the franchise.”

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