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Report: Jayson Werth to have surgery, miss 10-12 weeks

It looked ugly right away, and Jayson Werth’s reaction told the story well enough. The Nationals confirmed last night that their star right fielder suffered a broken wrist while trying to snag a ball in the outfield last night against the Phillies. His slide looked like it would result in a nice catch but Werth’s wrist got caught and twisted in a bad way, forcing the outfielder to grimace in pain and go right to holding his wrist in great pain.

This afternoon Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reports that Werth will undergo surgery today, forcing him to potentially miss ten to 12 weeks of the regular season. The good news is that the wrist injury apparently does not have any ties to his previous injuries that once threatened his pro career. That is very good news, at least relatively speaking.

If nothing else, it looks clear that Bryce Harper’s stay in the big leagues will certainly be extended. The Nationals will platoon a few players in right field, and with the injury to Werth will almost have to keep Harper up in the majors. Nobody is really complaining about that, because it looks like he is capable of handling his own right now.

The one and only Meech just tweeted this video, which is somewhat ironic today.

Hopefully Werth can get back on the field as quickly as possible. The Nationals will be hurt for a while in the outfield, but they should be in good enough shape to weather the storm as long as Ryan Zimmerman comes back and is effective. We know that their pitching is legit, but the struggling offense must now get by without one of their top offensive weapons for about two months.

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