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The greatest baseball card set returns

I do not know about you, but if you are like me this is the time of year when the nostalgia and interest hits high gear for my old hobby, baseball card collecting. My collecting days are long in the past now but every time I happen to see a pack of cards on sale near my register when running some errands I have been known to fight the urge to add some cards to my order. After all, what’s another couple of bucks, right?

I know the hobby is far from what it used to be, and for a number of reasons. To some this will be the final year they purchase anything from Topps, who if you follow this stuff closely has made a mockery of the entire hobby, and industry. But let’s face it, Topps may not be going anywhere any time soon.

If you happen to be debating whether or not to buy some of this year’s cards, here is one reason you may want to do so. There is a 50-card mini-set hidden throughout the 2012 set, which brings back the greatest baseball card design ever created; 1987 Topps. This set was fantastic, and was out right when I started to build an interest in baseball cards. Unfortunately I never had too many cards from this set, and those I did were lost following a night spent at my friend’s house down the street when we stayed up all night working our way through Legend of Zelda II or Mega Man 3. Yeah, nerdy. Moving on.

The wood-grain border was something special and few card designs have rivaled it.

Now it is back, and if you are lucky enough you can get your favorite second baseman on one of them. Chase Utley, Roy Halladay, Ryan Howard, and Shane Victorino are the Phillies that appear in the 50-card set. A search on ebay should be able to find a complete set without much of a problem, but it depends on how much money you’re willing to spend on a set like this.

So, will you buy any baseball cards this year? When was the last time you bought any?

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