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Video of Phillies fans marching to Camden Yards

The Phillies may have come up small this weekend in Baltimore, with the Orioles defending their home field in two of three games in dramatic fashion, but it was certainly not because the Phillies had the backing of the fans. Baltimore recorded high attendance for each game this weekend, and the Phillies fans were certainly strong in numbers.

Take a look at this video, posted by Baltimore sports radio station WNST as fans made their way in to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It is proof that Phillies fans are currently traveling like few other fan bases in the majors.

I was in the crowd on Sunday, and the electricity at times was far better than the few games I have seen in Citizens Bank Park this weekend. Still, all of those Phillies fans that were smiling heading in for the game were surely leaving with their heads hanging low on the way out.

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