Marshawn Lynch zings photographer asking him about retirement (video)

Just when it looked like we’d be spared a Super Bowl week highlighted by an hour of Marshawn Lynch saying “I’m here so I don’t get fined” 100 times, the Seahawks running back added another quote to his anthology of media-hating one-liners.

Spotted by a TMZ photographer who asked him if he was coming back next season, Lynch asked if his uh, girlfriend is coming back.

But Lynch didn’t use the word “girlfriend.” He used another word that sometimes is casually used in place of girlfiend and not fit for print. So here it is.

Now it’s kind of too bad the Seahawks didn’t make the Super Bowl. It would have been a little more entertaining if Lynch dropped THAT line 100 or so times amid all the pomp and circumstance of Super Bowl Opening Night.