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All Depends on Who You’re Spoiling

Well, here’s why 2010 is better than 2009:

In 2009, the Mets were mathematically eliminated in the highly visible and ironic fashion of losing to, of all people, Pedro Martinez.  Like two to the back of the head.

In 2010, there is every possibility that the Mets will be eliminated from the playoffs without even being on the field, as Monday is an off-day, and a Braves victory over the Phillies would officially end the Mets hopes to play meaningful games in October.  It’s more like lethal yet humane injection.  That, my friends, is progress.

So what, the Mets can’t spoil the Braves playoff chances.  Think of it this way: By being swept by Atlanta, they’re sure as hell spoiling things for the Padres and Rockies in the wild card, right?  Best … spoilers … ever.

And by the way,  Derrek Lee has as many second deck home runs in nine games at Citi Field than Jason Bay has any deck home runs in 44.