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An Angel That’s Touched

So where have we heard this before?

“I’m very, very confident that this is the team to beat.” -Angel Pagan on the Giants 

That’s it Angel, reach for the stars. You’re better at that than you were at reaching for fly balls. And congratulations … for you’re now the Jimmy Rollins of the National League West. Prepare to be hated by your new friends in L.A., Colorado, and Phoenix. (People in San Diego don’t hate anybody.) Have you been taught nothing? NOTHING???

Oh well … good luck with that, Angel. Maybe your confidence will be rewarded in San Francisco. Confidence sure as hell isn’t rewarded in New York. And I’m very, very confidence that there will be a place to hide in the vast outfield at AT&T Park if you turn out to be dead wrong.

(Editor’s note: Enjoy the gratuitous pic of Poppy Montgomery in a Mets uniform.)