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Best In Show

So what, now … are the Mets going to throw their name into every sexy rumor to scribble “we wuz here” on the wall?

Maybe that’s unfair, but now that the Mets have been reported to be “in” on A’s lefty Gio Gonzalez, what am I supposed to think? Am I supposed to believe that Jon Niese and a couple of okay prospects, for example, is going to get this done? Because it isn’t. (Though I will say there’s a lot of chatter involving Niese lately for a team that’s thin in the rotation. Hmmmmmm …) Or am I supposed to believe that the Mets will open the vault of prospects to make this happen? That ain’t happening either. And would you want that? Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey for Gonzalez might make sense if the Mets were ready to contend in 2012. Do you believe that in the cockles of your heart? Think hard, now.

Gonzalez is a nice piece, and controllable through 2015. Are the Mets willing to attempt to accelerate the rebuilding process to make sure they contend while Gonzalez is in a Mets uniform? Or is this a way to tell the fans “hey, we’re not just looking at Jack Wilson here.” Now as I type this and read it over, it sure as hell seems overly cynical, I admit. But I’m not changing it. I’ll never be sure what to believe with this team from day to day. First there’s no money and the kids are the lynchpin of the future. Now it’s going to get blow’d up for Gio Gonzalez? Sorry, I’m not buying it as anything other than “due diligence” at best, and “putting perfume on roadkill to prepare it for the county fair” at worst.  Doesn’t make sense any way you slice it.

It’s really going to suck after a week or so of dreaming about Gonzalez then finding Wilson under the Christmas tree eating your cookies. (Because, like … he weighs a buck ninety and he needs cookies. And milk.)