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Better Late Than Never: Your Jeff Kent Moment Of The Week:

This contains a spolier alert. But here’s the thing: this was the one week where we decided to wait until Thursday to watch Survivor. And of course, this was the week where the outcome was spoiled for me. And if it was spoiled for me, chances are it was spoiled for you too, since it’s pretty much all over the Internet. So here goes:

The tribe has spoken. Jeff Kent is gone.


You know, there hasn’t been a lot to cheer for when it comes to the Mets lately. But that? What you saw in the video above … I could watch that ALL … DAY … LONG! And laugh out loud while I’m watching it. Good riddance.

First off, yes Jeff … you’re a Game 7 World Series loser (which I pointed out already, and included statistics.) And now, you lost Survivor. And yet you still whined about the taxes that the government is going to take from the money that you’re not going to win! HA HA!

And make no mistake, you lost Survivor. Blame it on the rest of the players who, in your words: “don’t want to play the game”, if you wish


But had you not made the move of trying to stick it to Penner in the previous week’s episode, you probably would still be in the game. Oh, and that was the episode where you said that if you disrespect the game, the game will bite you in the ass. Well perhaps you didn’t disrespect the game, but you threw it into chaos. Which really means that you bit yourself in the ass … and Shaquille O’Neal would like to know how it tastes.

With all that being neither here nor there, here’s the important thing to take from all this: Jeff Kent will still not be a champion. He will not win Survivor. And he has himself to blame. Our long nightmare is over. Enjoy your $60 million in the bank. Dick.