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Birthdays, Dogs, and Ponies

First off, I hope that Johan Santana had a very happy 34th birthday yesterday. To have been with the Mets for five years and   not have had years taken off his life is a tremendous accomplishment. So congratulations.

Johan spent his 34th birthday telling everyone that things are all right between him and the Mets regarding the pitching shape he's in. Wonderful. But of course he's in a good mood. It's his birthday. I'd say nice things about Jimmy Rollins to mark getting a year older.

Here's what bothered me:


He's the C.O.O. of the Mets. Which means that he had enough access to the team to have the full 24 hours to wish Santana a happy birthday. But he chooses the 20 minutes that Johan is talking to reporters to do so. What a coincidence. And way to make that extra effort to make sure everybody knows that everything is okay by making sure you buddy up to Johan with reporters around. Jeffy is the kid who stages a fight to get a girl to like him. Well guess what, Johan ain't taking you to the Junior High prom. Perhaps take a more active role in preventing these embarrassing situations from happening and cutting off these "some Mets people" leaks that always seem to spring, rather than put your energy into smoothing over said embarrassments and making yourself look like Mr. Thoughtful.

P.S. The Mets lost to the Nationals in the teams' 73rd spring meeting this season. Bobby Parnell blew a lead. The shock is palpable.