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Controlling The Environment

We’re trained as Mets fans to believe that when the descent begins, it’s going to be meteoric and destructive. And for R.A. Dickey, it kinda sorta has been. From June 24th to July 24th, Dickey has an ERA of 5.36 with an opponents batting average of .290. The good parts though have been a 2-1 record, and more importantly just nine walks in 40.1 innings. Dickey was more like the early June Dickey in Arizona on Sunday as the Mets split their series in Arizona with a victory.

Dickey had that special knuckler going today … the one that struck out eight Diamondbacks in seven innings and at times made Josh Thole look like a fool. I guess so much for the idea of adding Thole to the all-star roster because he can catch the knuckler. Because when it’s going the way it was going on Sunday, nobody can catch it. It almost … almost makes you wonder what Dickey can do with this monster pitch if he pitched his home games in a controlled environment like Tampa, or Arizona with the roof closed. Maybe the Wilpons should pony up the money and put a roof over Citi Field.

Ha ha ha ha … the Wilpons spending money. Like that would ever happen.

Bad part to Sunday’s game? The revelation that Ike Davis had matzo ball soup before his three HR game on Saturday, and then turned down same meal before Sunday’s game where he went 0-for-5. Damn you Ike why can’t you be neurotic and superstitious like most baseball players? Now you go and stock your basement with matzo balls right now. And send some down to Buffalo for the recently demoted Kirk Nieuwenhuis so he can find his stroke and perhaps give some to Lucas Duda too.

And don’t be afraid to share some matzo balls with your left fielder. Though if you put a spoon in his hand he’d probably swing and miss at those too.