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Cool Is A Rule … But Only While We’re Young

I expounded yesterday about how the Mets don’t have nearly enough easy victories. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the nail biters once in a while. And Saturday’s victory over the Marlins was a nail biter that I can get behind.

Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched six innings and gave up four runs. Not terrible, but not great. There is a discussion happening about whether to put him in the bullpen, or whether or not to place Jacob deGrom in the ‘pen briefly to limit his innings. Let me put it out there now that while the heart is in the right place, Terry Collins is asking for trouble if he even if he has an idea of messing with the routine of a young pitcher just to save a couple of innings would probably work out worse for deGrom’s arm than it would be to have him pitch ten extra innings at the end of the season. Consider this advice free.

Of course, the last piece of free advice I was thinking of giving was to just release Chris Young and get it over with. I still subscribe to that, but it wouldn’t have helped on Saturday because guess what? C.Y. hit a game tying two run pinch home run in the seventh inning. Lotta good I would’ve done. Eric Campbell had the second big pinch hit as his eighth inning pinch single drove in the winning run and made sure that Huey Lewis and the News didn’t have to wait until one in the morning to play their post game concert.