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David Wright Takes Harvey Day Off

Tonight's matchup between the Flushing Nine and the Miami Lorias is being billed as the phenom matchup … Matt Harvey vs. Jose Fernandez. While this is true, remember that only one of these pitchers has been lit up in his last two starts. And it's not the one that wears blue. (You know, real blue … not what the Marlins call blue.) The problem is that it only seems to be the Mets lineup that has problems with young pitchers like Fernandez, or Jonathan Pettibone, or somebody who walks in off the street. But the good news is the Mets' side of the probable pitcher column. The guy who hasn't been lit up yet this season. What's better is that he's facing the Marlins, who should slink away meekly as long as Giancarlo Stanton comes to bat three times with the bases empty. (Considering who's batting leadoff in front of him, it's a distinct possibility)

But with David Wright not in the starting lineup Monday, I'd be ready to settle in for a long 0-0 game … at least before the bullpen takes a sledgehammer to everybody's nuts. Maybe David Wright is merely making a statement that Harvey Day should be a national holiday. He may have a point.

(Or, he could have a stiff neck.)