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Dissect This

When you go to the local dump to find a diamond ring, chances are you’ll be there a while.  You want to dissect this 10-0 loss to the Phillies?  You go right ahead.  That’s what you have to look forward to.  Maybe you’ll find a silver lining in this.  Just like you might find that diamond ring or that $224 million lottery ticket that somebody might have thrown away.  Good luck.

The question to ask here is this: Was this a momentary blip for Mike Pelfrey, where it wouldn’t have mattered who he was pitching against?  Or was it a sober reminder of what happens when you step up in class?  Answer?  Probably a little bit of both.  You had a good team who figured Pelfrey out the second time through the order, while Pelfrey was missing on location to the point where just about anyone would have hit him.  I for one wouldn’t worry about it … yet.

Thankfully, this wasn’t the one the Mets had to have.  That would be Sunday night, where the Mets ace, Johan Santana, goes up against Jamie Moyer.  While it isn’t a must win, a seven game win streak meeting with the brick wall that would be a series loss to the Phillies would leave a bad taste in the Mets’ mouths. It’s not a “must-win” … that’s a whole different classification.  But this goes a long way to telling whether the Mets are a mirage, or whether they’re real enough to get close to the very end.

On a separate note, ever see David Wright as frustrated as he was today jawing with Ron Kulpa over a strike 2 call?  Perhaps it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy after all.  Maybe it’s the beard.  Or maybe it’s Bizarro David that has the real Mets’ third baseman bound and gagged in the trainers’ closet.  Meanwhile, at the Hall of Doom …