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Even I Passed Chemistry

Here’s the thing about clubhouse chemistry:

If clubhouse chemistry can be “destroyed” or “ruined” because of the addition of additional players like Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo, then was it any good to begin with?

And that seems to be the prevailing thought that I’ve been seeing around the Internets as I had to watch Tuesday’s “gem” via the Internet … that the chemistry is gone.  Really?  We’re going to blame an intangible concept such as “team chemistry” for not being able to hit Barry Enright?  Is this how bad it’s gotten?  Besides, how bad can the chemistry be if players are still yukking it up after losses to Barry Enright?

Meanwhile, the Phillies are getting closer to getting Roy Oswalt while the Mets’ next big addition is Oliver Perez.  And while I wasn’t so excited about Oswalt anyway, and I certainly agree that Oswalt’s price might be too high in terms of prospects, there’s something to be said for the fact that maybe if the Mets were to pay over slot on their draft picks maybe they would have been able to have a better chance with more prospects to meet that price.  Think about it, how could the Rangers, a team fighting bankruptcy, be able to steal Cliff Lee from the Mariners?  Right, because they have a variety of prospects they payed over slot for.  The Mets?  They have Oliver Perez.  And awesome chemistry.

And speaking of Perez, the NHL voided the Devils’ 17-year contract with Ilya Kovalchuk, because it circumvents the salary cap since there’s no way Kovalchuk isn’t going to retire before the end of that long contract.  Well that’s fine and dandy, but  Jason Bay obviously retired after three months and he only signed a four year deal.  And Perez retired a year and a half ago.  So where’s the NHL when we really need them?