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At least the Mets had the decency to lose in nine innings after a four hour rain delay.

So much for your imaginary concept of "momentum". I don't suppose there's a chance that the Braves could acquire Carlos Marmol in the next few minutes?

The Mets could now go 0-3 in a span of 24 hours thanks to Freddie Freeman's walk-off dinger off Dillon Gee giving the Braves a 2-1 win. I had no problem with Dillon Gee staying in the game with a one run lead in the ninth. It was his to lose. And he lost, but he lost with honor. But mostly, he lost because he wears "New York" on his chest. In orange. And because the only runs that are given to the starting pitchers are the ones that he gets for himself. F*cking Freddie Freeman. F*cking lineup. F*cking Bob Costas and his Western Civilization.

This is what Zack Wheeler has to look forward to tomorrow. Good luck, kid. You'll need it. Dammit.

(Editor's note: Why the hell is Lucas Duda trying to steal bases? I could give a flying f*ck that he had four hits in the game. YOU'RE NOT ICHIRO!!! STOP IT!!!)