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For All You Kids Out There

Scott Hairston was claimed on waivers by a “mystery team”.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t the Dodgers, who have been banned from waivers forever and ever for fear that they would acquire everybody, and that the whole world would be playing for the Dodgers (which would mean that Fred Wilpon wouldn’t need a shot of brandy to sleep well anymore).

In honor of Hairston being a valued commodity (even as somebody claimed only to block him from going to another team), I present to you an interview he did for Next Level Ballplayer, where he discusses how he like to hit off a tee, and who’s head he likes to pretend is the ball.

All right, maybe he didn’t go that far. But you kids who want to be a good enough major leaguer one day to be coveted by major league team other than the one you’re on, this is the article for you. Now go hit off that tee and fulfill your dreams of being claimed by the Los Angeles Dodgers.