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Fossum Possum

I don’t have the most logical reasons for disliking players., I’ll admit that much.  But it pains me that there’s at least a small chance that we’ll see Casey Fossum wear a Mets uniform in 2011.  Most likely, he’ll be in Buffalo keeping the spot warm for Oliver Perez (you know, the spot he’ll never take because he’d rather pitch in Mexico than in Buffalo.)  But seeing him as a Met will be a sore reminder of Omar Minaya letting Darren O’Day go.  Fossum was collateral damage, as he was merely one of the players in that shuffle in the bullpen after O’Day was allowed to be claimed by Texas, for the ridiculous reason of keeping Mike Pelfrey off the disabled list for one start.  One Mike Pelfrey start cost the Mets O’Day … forever!!!

Instead, the Mets shuffled in a whole host of players including Fossum … who, along with looking a little bit like Guiseppe Franco, proved completely useless. It’s not his fault that Omar Minaya let O’Day go, but he filled that roster spot and stunk. And stinking … well that is his fault. And now he’s back, while O’Day continues to bring his talents to the metroplex. Joy.

I really have to find a way to get over this.