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Future Is The Past

Now that the season is officially over, it behooves the Mets to look towards making 2011 a little more palatable.  Trust that our fearless leadership is looking into inventive ways to make your baseball experience a winning experience.  How do I know this?  Well they’re already thinking about how to survive next season with limited resources.  Part of this plan is to explore the option of playing Daniel Murphy (remember him) at second base next year …

Murphy is in Fort Myers, Fla., with the Mets’ instructional league team, where he will again play second base. Murphy then is due to get further experience at that position in the Dominican Republic this winter with Aguilas. The Dominican team intends to let Murphy play second base (…)  “When I talked to him, he said that was his biggest thing for going to winter ball — to play second base. He’s not worried about hitting,” Mets infield coach Chip Hale said. “He’s worried about playing second base.”

It’s genius.  Though I liked it better when it was 2008.

The Mets even attempted to convert Murphy to second base in the Arizona Fall League to supplant Luis Castillo, but that experiment was unsuccessful.

Yeah, remember that?  I do.  From what I recall, the experiment lasted all of about six games and then scrapped with no explanation.  So basically, the Mets are looking through the wastepaper baskets for old notes to see if they can revive some old idea that didn’t work.  Yup, confidence runs high.

But before we get to 2011, I have a suggestion for 2010: If Jon Niese’s innings are getting too high for everyone’s liking and it’s causing him to get rocked like he did on Wednesday, can we … I don’t know … have Oliver F’ing Perez maybe earn a portion of his paycheck and take some innings away from Niese or Dillon Gee before their arms fall off and Niese loses all of his effectiveness for the next … forever?  It’s established that the Mets don’t give a good crap if Perez’s arm falls off, right?  He can pitch the rest of the season for all I care.  Hey it’s not like we’re in a, what do you call those things, oh yeah … a pennant race.  I mean, he’s going to be released anyway, right?


So hell, start him.  Some might think that starting Oliver Perez is folly.  But if Niese hurts his shoulder in his next start while this joker is in the bullpen eating chocolate covered sunflower seeds, there’s going to be some serious ‘splainin’ to do.