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Get Out Of My Head

You might remember five days ago I gave you an exclusive listen to the voices inside my head, while talking about a trade scenario that was totally fabricated by me, between two teams that weren’t linked to that point:

“In private conversations I’ve overheard (albeit between the voices in my head), R.A. Dickey would have to bring back another Zack Wheeler. Wil Myers could be that hitting version of Wheeler.” -Some Dumb Blogger

Now I never thought that these two teams would hook up in talks, and never did I think the Royals would even inquire about Dickey if they did. Well

The Royals, who are searching for a top-of-the-rotation starter and have checked in on Jon Lester and James Shields, talked to the Mets about R.A. Dickey as well. While several young Royals players would work for the Mets, Kansas City has no interest in trading young catcher Salvador Perez and isn’t looking to trade top outfield prospect Wil Myers. The Royals would prefer to send the Mets a package of younger prospects in any Dickey deal.

I checked in with the voices in my head. They tell me two things. 1) “Holy crap, you mean we were right? We need to find the security breach!” And 2) “We could give a rat’s ass what the Royals prefer. It’s Wil Myers or nothing.” Now I think the voices in my head would make great MLB general managers, because I agree with them. First off, “isn’t looking to trade top outfield prospect Wil Myers” is in direct contrast to “the Royals have dangled outfielder Wil Myers“. So “sources”, along with the internet, need to stop lying to me. Also, lower level minor leaguers can’t help the Mets now, and who knows what can happen to A-ballers on their way to either the show, or a career in life insurance. So yeah, it’s Wil Myers or nothing. But these voices have no actual impact on real life.

I will say this though, the Giants resisted trading Zack Wheeler for Carlos Beltran until Sandy Alderson wore Brian Sabean down and got his man. And if Sabean, the overseer of two World Titles, can be worn down, then Dayton Moore should be cake. Hell, if all else fails, jingle some keys in front of him. That might work.