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Get Posterized

Last night was the 27th anniversary of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. You know what would be a great way to celebrate this anniversary? Perhaps get a three foot long poster of Doug Sisk's 1987 Topps baseball card on your wall.

No, really. I'm serious:

"This print started out as a baseball card more than twenty years ago. Every aspect of it is designed to preserve the original look and feel of the card, from the printing pattern to the slightly worn edges. In fact, this print started by finding the actual card in our vault and then painstakingly re-mastering it with a team of designers."

First off … painstakingly? No activity that involves doing something "painstakingly" should have anything to do with Doug Sisk. You know what was done "painstakingly"? Watching him pitch. Second, this card took up space in a vault? With all due respect to Topps (who … while it might seem like I photo shopped this picture you see on the right, was actually on the Topps website) and to Doug Sisk (Greg Prince reminded me once that World Champion Mets exist in small numbers and should be cherished no matter how many small fires they've turned into five alarm blazes) … REALLY? A framed poster of Doug Sisk's 1987 card? As nice a design as Topps came up with in 1987, Doug Sisk isn't even doing anything except have a goofy smile on his face!

"Doug Sisk had reason to smile in this 1987 card taken during spring training as he won his lone World Series ring the season before with the Mets. Sisk would close out his Mets career in '87 with a 3-1 mark and 3.46 ERA in 55 games."

His other reason to smile was that the cameraman asked him to.

If you're in the market for a Topps card print to hang up in your sports bar (because I don't think there's a spouse alive that would allow Doug Sisk's goofy smile to adorn the wall above your couch), there are plenty of awesome Topps Mets cards to choose from. (The only one worse than that one might be the one where Lee Mazzilli has the mustache). I'd even go so far as to say that if this was Doug Sisk's sports bar, he would choose any of his other cards to put above the beer tap.


Doug Sisk struck out a Hall of Famer during the 1986 World Series. No wonder he was smiling. Happy Anniversary.

What's next? A Keith Miller wax statue at Madame Tussaud's?