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Group Hug


First off, I have to laugh because I have a friend who likes to say the exact same thing: "I need new friends." Most of the time, it was a reaction to me doing something stupid. Similarly, Ike needs new friends because the four people he mentioned did stupid things … like play baseball badly and get themselves traded.

So how long with this be turned into some sort of spring training controversy: "Ike bemoans the loss of four players, while the other twenty are all like 'Umm Ike, we're right here.'" You might think that's silly, but in spring training, anything is a story … real or perceived. So get ready for six months of this, America.

At least Ike has more time to drink. (Y'know, unless those four were the bad influences like Kevin Mitchell supposedly was. Then the book can be called "The Bad Guys Lost".)