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Guilt Trip

There was a story recently about bars pouring Russian vodka down the gutter in protest of Vladimir Putin's policies. John Oliver remarked that this would make all the sewer alligators drunk. This would mean that those sewer alligators have two things to give them sustenance: vodka, and Matt Harvey starts flushed down the drain.

There are certainly plenty of those to keep the alligators happy, as the Mets lost another Mets type of game on Sunday with Harvey getting the start. Pedro Feliciano gave up a walk-off home run to Will Venable in the ninth inning, and it was Venable's sixth hit over the last two games. If I never see Will Venable ever again, it'll be too damn soon. Unfortunately, with Marlon Byrd having priced himself off the Mets next season, the Mets will either trade for Venable or get him when he becomes a free agent after 2014 on the strength of the eight hits he had in this series. At the point where the Mets sign him, he will probably begin to suck at the levels of Jason Bay and .Darrin Jackson combined.

But the big news came out of Ken Rosenthal's twitter account when he reported that the Mets would keep Travis d'Arnaud as their primary catcher after John Buck comes back from paternity leave. No great surprise as d'Arnaud is a building block, and now is as good a time as any for him to get his feet wet … what with all of the walk off losses and Marlins debacles this team has had this season. This of course means that Anthony Recker's spot on this team is in jeopardy, giving the Mets one less option out of the bullpen when down by 13 runs. Also, this will no doubt start a heated debate over whether one should lose their starting job due to paternity leave (well, it would have started a heated debate had everyone not been preoccupied with Ryan Dempster's target practice on Alex Rodriguez.) Imagine the Thanksgiving dinners in the Buck household when John says to Bentley: "You know, I was a starting catcher in the major leagues … until you were born."

There's potential for a serious life complex there, no?