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He Needs Some Fixing

Interesting that the Mets decided to send a scout to see the value that they had given away, Scott Kazmir, work out in Houston for teams after he was released by the Angels last season and is looking for a home. (One of many Scott Kazmir rants linked here so I don’t have to repeat myself.) At first glance hey, the Mets need warm bodies. Kazmir is just that right now … a warm body with a star crossed history. So why not send a scout to look at him? Hell, what else does the scout (singular, because the Mets may have fired them all) have to do these days besides watch Baseball IQ repeats?

Then again, the last time I talked about “righting a wrong”, it was about Jason Bay in 2009. We know how that’s turned out. So you know what, pass. Why remind ourselves that the prospect with the top value in the system was given away for nothing by bringing him back after he’s already a shell of his former self … like we had no idea Bay was? (Yeah, that was spot on analysis by me, eh?)

But without knowing exactly which scouts saw this workout, I’ll completely lose my mind if the Orioles sign him. If Rick Peterson goes to Orioles management and tells them “oh yeah, I can fix this kid in … uh … I can fix this kid” and he goes to Baltimore and becomes somewhat useful? Or even if he doesn’t? Yeah. My head will pretty much explode if this happens.

(Editor’s note: No, he’ll never let this go.)