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Help Not On The Way

Looks like our Chris Carter campaign is falling on deaf ears:

“Though Gary Matthews Jr., Frank Catalanotto and Fernando Tatis have struggled this season in part-time roles, the Mets have no immediate plans to shake up the roster, according to several people familiar with the team’s thinking.”

I for one am relieved that the team has taken to thinking. Though …

Catalanotto, 36, is batting .143 in 21 at-bats. (…) Pinch-hitting is a specialized job, requiring different preparation than any other role. Younger players are not typically successful coming off the bench, meaning that Carter’s gaudy triple-A numbers would not necessarily translate to a very limited big-league job.

Yeah, because it takes a veteran to be announced into a game, only to be called back to the dugout for Tatis when your manager gets outmanaged and the other guy brings in a lefty. Somehow, I think Carter can handle the walk to and from the on-deck circle.

(Speaking of being outmanaged, I hear from the crack staff that Snoop Manuel thinks that at the pace he’s on, Stephen Strasburg would make a great impact as a mop-up reliever.)

Mets brass has not been impressed by the Matthews, in particular, but they regard April and a few days of May as too small a sample to cut him or the other bench players.

And give the Mets credit for realizing that it would be small minded to think that the three seasons between 2007-2009 are a large quotient of time. I mean, the dinosaurs have been playing baseball with Julio Franco for billions of seasons prior to our existence.Who are we to think that the world begins and ends with us? We need to give Corporal at least the rest of the millennium to find his stroke, along with a way to bring the dinosaurs back from extinction.