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Honey I Shrunk Petco

You know the world is a messed up place when the middle of the Mets order all goes deep in the biggest ballpark in the free world. But judging by zoos putting big hairy dogs in cages and telling you they're lions, you knew the world was going to hell in a hand basket anyway. But it's all good because the Mets, on the strength of their power from Marlon Byrd, Ike Davis, and Daniel Murphy (who not only hit home runs but hit moon landing shots) and Jon Niese's nine K's in six innings have now beaten San Diego two straight with a 5-2 win.

Anthony Recker also had a good game, three hits and a walk to be exact. But he was able to have a good game because … and get this … John Buck's wife has finally gone into labor. This means that Buck is on his way home, and Travis d'Arnaud is on his way to San Diego to replace him temporarily … which is step one toward replacing him permanently, except that he was supposed to be there Friday but for some reason couldn't get there, enabling Recker to have a good game for the Mets. 

Oh yeah, and it also means that a baby is going to be brought into the world or something like that. Miracle of life, yada yada yada. What, you expected a baseball blogger to have priorities*?

*Seriously, good luck, Buck family.