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Jeff Wilpon Is A TV Doctor Of America

I’ve said it many times before, and some of times I’ve said it even made it into print.

It starts at the top.

It starts at the top.

It starts at the top.

It starts at the top.

Some of you need to keep repeating this to yourselves. Firing Terry Collins hasn’t fixed this organization. Firing Sandy Alderson won’t do it either, just as firing Steve Phillips didn’t do it, firing Omar Minaya didn’t do it, firing Jim Duquette didn’t do it. And I’m going to say something very unpopular, especially considering how many jokes I’ve made at his espense for a cheap laugh: but firing Ray Ramirez isn’t going to fix this organization.

It starts at the top.

If you don’t believe me (which you should have because I’m not as stupid as I look), then surely you’ll believe Ken Davidoff of the Post who confirmed with ten people that the Mets are broken. Ten!!!

Conversations with 10 people possessing first-hand knowledge of the Mets’ baseball operations produced the picture of an ultra-intense environment, created by Mets ownership, in which the daily pressure to win, not only the games but the daily media coverage, has compromised the decision-making process and, hence, led to poor moves on multiple fronts. On the medical front, that has made the Mets the butt of many an industry joke.

An ultra intense environment with daily pressure to win games and daily media coverage. This is so wrong on so many levels. First, you’re putting intense pressure to win on a GM who has no idea what his payroll is, a manager who has his hands tied by the GM in this new-age hierarchy, and a roster which will surely have too many holes because you haven’t spent enough money and that money has been spent foolishly. Second, daily media coverage? I really have to tell these people that you win daily media coverage by winning games and not getting caught in stupid scandals?

But here’s my favorite part:

Another is an environment where CEO Fred Wilpon and COO Jeff Wilpon both are prone to micromanagement, with Fred Wilpon more likely to assert himself in on-the-field decisions and Jeff Wilpon more involved in medical matters — such as working on media releases about injuries — clouding the chain of command.

Jeff Wilpon more involved in medical matters??? He’s a TV Doctor of America!!!

People write media releases for $20 an hour. You can hire somebody to do this for under $50K a year. The COO of a Major League Baseball team has nothing to do except the job of a low level assistant? Has he really screwed up everything else?

I keep thinking of how much time this organization has wasted at the hands of the Wilpon family. How much more successful would this franchise had been over the last 20 years had they not made stupid decisions like making Pedro Martinez pitch while injured with the season already lost, or giving their money to a conman. Or the countless other things they’ve done to make this franchise a national joke after it had owned the city for the better part of a decade, and now treat it like an economic model rather than a baseball team. Maybe not a stitch more. Or maybe a couple of more World Series appearances and perhaps a title. Who knows. But success means that you have to spend more to keep up. So maybe this is the way the Mets like it. Maybe Metta World Peace wasn’t just rapping when he said that success is a nuisance. If that’s the case, then what?

It starts at the top. Never forget that.