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Karl Ravech Has Gone Insane

You see, the ironic part about my blogger nom de plume is that I think that making predictions are kinda stupid. Here’s one that is:

Put aside that the team he picked to “surprise” is the Mets. How can you pick any team to do anything, in any sport, before anybody has made any roster moves? Do this in March. Not November 13th before the winter meetings. It’s just like when ESPN predicts every game of the upcoming season up to the Super Bowl the day after the previous Super Bowl ended. Drives me nuts.

So does Karl have basis

Which year of health? The one he missed completely, or the one where he didn’t pitch since August 17th because Justin Turner stepped on his ankle? And Dickey does win. But of course now that Karl has said that, Dickey will win for somebody else. And yes, Wright needs help. But let’s troll all the Mets fans and call them … “the surprise” before Wright gets any help, especially when things can happen like Santana getting injured, Dickey getting traded, or worse … Rob Johnson signing with the Cardinals! David Wright’s help has gone out the door!!!

Okay, now we can make predictions.