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Marlins Get Matzlacked

Starting pitching has been such a key to the past few seasons. Unfortunately, it’s been on the negative side this season. So when Steven Matz goes seven innings of shutout ball against Miami it’s enough to make one take notice. It’s also enough to make you wonder which off day will we get the announcement that Matz will be out for the rest of the season, but that’s just my propensity for panic talking.

Matz was gave up six hits and a walk in the Mets 8-0 victory over the Marlins. Curtis Granderson knocked another one out of the yard (he saw 27 pitches in his five plate appearances … not bad), and even Jose Reyes had three hits to get himself off the interstate, and Miami is a great place to get off any of the roads, because people drive like maniacs. (Ask Duaner Sanchez, he’ll tell you.) But of course there is some bad news, as Michael Conforto went from a negative x-ray to a severe bone bruise, which will no doubt become dysentery by the time you read this.

(He’ll go from pitching like a surgeon to needing one.)

As for Matz, it’s a huge tease because when you see what he did tonight you want it to last forever. If you played a drinking game where you took a shot every time Matz was compared to Jon Matlack, you might be dead. If Matz ever did fulfill his comparison, you’d find a way to live with half a liver and be happy about it. There’s no doubt he’s got the talent to be a superstar if his bones and ligaments and muscles cooperate. It might be too late for this season, but just getting to the end of the season would be a victory.

Also, kudos to Terry Collins for using Josh Edgin and Chasen Bradford with an 8-0 lead.

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