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The Mets hadn’t scored more than three runs in a home game since August 12th. They hadn’t scored more than one run in an inning at home in a span of what seemed like a millennium. The Mets had only won 4 games at home since the All-Star break. Then the Marlins came to town and basically obliterated all of those streaks as the Mets completed their sweep of Miami with a 3-2 walk-off win. It’s almost as if Ozzie Guillen came to town with penicillin for the entire team that lasts for three days.

The Marlins should really think about new careers. (Especially Mark Buehrle … who’s a good pitcher, but gave up two home runs to Jason Bay in a month. That might drive a mere mortal to think about retiring.)

Next up for the Mets is a four game series with the Pirates, who have to go 7-3 to avoid a 20th straight losing season. Let’s see who provides the medicine this week.