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Natural Order

Don’t worry, I’m going to blog about Saturday’s win soon. But until then, good for Phil Humber. Sure, it’s just another former Met who has to go somewhere else to pitch a perfect game and make history. Not his fault he was one of the small handful of prospects that Omar Minaya was willing to give up for Johan Santana. Maybe Minaya would have been better served to keep Humber instead of, say Fernando Martinez, who’s also gone. But do you really think he would have survived New York between 2008 and 2011? If given a real chance he probably would have been booed out of town anyway. And even if not, he wasn’t pitching a perfect game for the Mets … because nobody does. And if that Santana trade never happened, Johan would still be the picture of health and would have probably pitched eight perfect games by now with the Yankees and we’d all be jumping off bridges thinking “damn why didn’t we make that trade?” There’s nothing to question, nobody to blame. It’s just natural order.

So I can’t be upset. Instead I’ll congratulate Phil Humber on reaching baseball nirvana. You have to leave the Mets to get there anyway. Besides, this is a good warm-up for when Mike Pelfrey pitches one with the Dodgers next season.