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One Versus The World

David Wright continued his assault of the World Baseball Classic on Tuesday with another five RBI's against Puerto Rico, as he led the United States to a 7-1 victory over Carlos Beltran and Puerto Rico. Wright's three run double in the eighth inning fell just out of the reach of a diving Angel Pagan, who probably took a route to that ball which went through Joe's Crab Shack. It must be nice for David to have Ryan Braun, Joe Mauer, and Eric Hosmer batting around him instead of Daniel Murphy and a granola bar. Three times this tournament Wright has come up with the sacks full. And as much as it pains me to say it, John Smoltz might have been correct when he said that it might take him a month with the Mets to have three at bats with the bases loaded. But Wright has eight RBI's in those three at-bats. The last time an American was this much of a one man wrecking crew John Rambo was in Hope, WA.

I only wish that MLB Network would give us some real analysts in the studio after the games instead of Snoop Manuel. Everyone's favorite gangsta laughed and said three decipherable words while Billy Ripken was doing all the talking. It was a living, breathing microcosm of Snoop's career as Met manager. The best was when he was asked about the kinds of conversations that the Dodgers staff was having about Zack Greinke's injury … as if Snoop would have any other insight except to say "He's hurt? Put him on a plane and rub some dirt on it!" He talked about guys playing in this tournament and being able to "evaluate him in a stressful situation." So how did Ryan Church do when he was stressed out on the plane to Denver? This is who is being passed off as an "expert".


Next up for the US of A is the Dominican Republic in the winners bracket on Thursday: Wright vs. Reyes with R.A. Dickey on the mound. It's appointment viewing, if only to hear Matt Vasgersian tell more lies about Reyes hot dogging around the bases like he did Tuesday afternoon against Italy. It'll be like Mets fan fiction come to life.